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BMAN is a nickname Brian got many years ago! He’s proud to be a lifelong resident of Bismarck. Brian attended Bismarck schools, played on Bismarck playgrounds, swam in Bismarck pools, and skated on Bismarck ice rinks. He’s been all over Bismarck on foot, on bicycle, motorcycle, and automobile. Bman loves it here in Bismarck. He remembers many of Bismarck's old buildings, stores and businesses from the past, when Bismarck wasn’t nearly as big as it is now. He’s amazed at this area’s growth. 

Brian comes from a rather large family. He loves animals, especially cats. His kitty runs the house. He pretty much just lives there.
BMan’s been an announcer here in Bismarck for the past 25 years and feels lucky to say that he enjoys going to his job each day! It is a great feeling, being able to pass along important information to listeners and playing music that makes people smile...it is still a huge thrill!
Here at MOJO 107.5 he puts his considerable editing talents to use as the station’s Production Director, writing and producing award-winning commercials. BMan is on the air each day from 3pm-6pm and often Saturdays 12noon to 3pm. As he says, “Hey we're just getting started...I can't wait to see how big we will grow, and how much fun we can have!”


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